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I  also strongly advise saving this email and pre-screening if you'd like to get together in the future. Websites & Ads may become unavailable due to the passing of fosta/sesta.




I am an independent, consenting adult. I am not working against my will, nor have I ever. It is important that anyone reading my site know and understand that choice.  This is not an offer of prostitution. This site does not advertise, offer, or otherwise promote prostitution or any other illegal actions. I do not accept money in exchange for sexual activities. By entering this site and contacting me via this website, email, or phone; you agree to these terms and conditions: 1. All donations are for time and companionship only. 2. Anything occurring between two consenting adults is purely based on mutual attraction.  3. You certify that you are over the legal age to view adult content. 5. You will not use this site or any ads that brought you to this site as entrapment or against the persons related to this site in any way. 


I take human trafficking, abuse, and exploitation of minors and other victims very seriously. However, I am not nor have I ever been a victim of trafficking. I am here by my own choice and free will. Any compensation is for time and companionship. No illegal exchanges or services are discussed or offered.